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20/20 Technical Advisors was started by Jack Kessler in early 2010. He worked for over 15 years managing, designing and supporting IT infrastructures for Fortune 500 and Government contracting companies. The environments ranged from healthcare and military to logistics and warehousing.

Throughout his career, Jack has believed that security of business assets is of utmost importance. IT security is not just an IT concern. It should be a concern of every department and employee in a company. In addition, he believes it is not an “add-on” to a system, but should be embedded in every design and implementation of IT architecture.

In 2009, Jack left National Government Services, a subsidiary of Anthem Insurance and a federal government contractor responsible for managing Medicare IT systems and processing tens of millions of healthcare claims each year. He noticed a deficiency in the way most businesses approached security, especially small and medium businesses. One of his goals for 20/20 Technical Advisors has been to bring enterprise level experience for an affordable price to businesses of all sizes. Many organizations believe that security is expensive and true security is not affordable. That is where 20/20 Technical Advisors comes in.

We believe if you build policies, procedures, and systems with security in mind from the beginning costs can be greatly reduced. We also believe that not just IT should be involved in the planning and design. All stakeholders in the company have a hand in security. Everyone in the company has a hand in security. Training of all employees is another key component to a successful security management.
20/20 Technical Advisors has been working in public safety 9-1-1 environments assisting Government organizations with the following services:

  • Network and system inventory
  • Telecom expense management
  • Policy and procedure management
  • Telecom design services
  • Security testing and standards development

In addition Jack has been speaking on security at various 9-1-1 conferences around the country including the yearly national NENA conference on a variety of topics concentrating on securing 9-1-1 assets.

We serve clients across the nation and believe that we are an extension of our clients’ staff. We instill in our employees to treat the work they do with our clients’ like they work directly for the client. The goal is to allow our clients concentrate on their core business while we supply staff augmentation and trusted consultation.

You can engage us via the phone numbers listed on the right or the contact link.

At 20/20 Technical Advisors we believe in providing the best value to the client. Every staff member at 20/20 Technical Advisors looks at clients’ projects as if we are part of your organization. We do this in the following ways:
  • Work for the client like you are part of their organization. While we understand we are a 3rd party to your organization and there are boundaries to this, we instill in our employees that while working for a client, employees should treat that organization like they are part of it.
  • Understanding the clients’ needs to provide the best solutions. While 20/20 Technical Advisors does represent some manufacturers products, we want the client to have the correct tool for their needs.
  • Products that are represented on projects are well supported by the manufacturer, reliable, have the required features, and are capable to be managed by our clients if they wish to support themselves.
  • Educate our clients on best practices, industry standards, and technology solutions that fit into the environment.
  • Approach projects with the intent to implement the solutions and train the clients staff to manage on their own. Unless our client wishes, we want to implement the solutions, document and train the client to function without our assistance. We welcome the opportunity to be more involved in our clients’ operations after implementation, however we only want to be involved as the client wishes.

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