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20/20 Technical Advisors designs IT architectures for our clients that take into account the fast changing world of IT security. Our staff of highly trained professionals can assist your organization on developing an IT security program, security infrastructure solutions, penetration testing, and staff training.
20/20 Technical Advisor staff has decades of designing and implementing network, voice, server, virtualization, cloud services, and security infrastructures. Many organizations look at their infrastructure in silos. We help pull those silos into one cohesive design and environment. All the while, we make sure security is blended into the infrastructure as requirements. Our believe is security is not an add-on to the environment, but an important part of it.
Many organizations do not have the staffing resources to manage current infrastructures day to day and bring on new large projects. Let us manage your projects and work in conjunction with your team or provide staff augmentation to your organization where you are shorthanded. Whether it is designing and managing a building location move to a datacenter transition to managing an acquisition integration, 20/20 Technical Advisors’ staff will integrate with your staff as you would like.
  • Do you know what phone and network services you have from telephone carriers? Our staff can perform and full review and documentation of your telecommunications infrastructure. We work with clients who do not have a good handle on their telecommunications infrastructure and spending. Many companies overspend on telecom because they do not know what they already have in place or that they are being billed for items that were never disconnected by their staff or even by telecommunication companies. This is costly to a budget and a security risk. Many times organizations buy more services without knowing they already have enough capacity.
  • We approach our inventory reviews like an infrastructure review, not a cost savings review. We feel if we understand the inventory and environment that cost savings is just a benefit that happens. Our competitors want a large percentage of money they say they are saving you while doing the review. Our reviews are viewed more from an operational and engineering approach. Most of the time our clients do not know what they have, so just by looking deeper than just the invoices, with an engineering mindset, cost issues are more apparent to clients and it creates more actionable remediation.
  • How do you track your telecom expenses? Talk to us about utilizing telecom expense management software to track your network and telecom inventory and invoices. Not only can you track the items in your inventory but it will help you efficiently manage install, removal and approval processes for the services you must manage. Want to charge costs base to different companies, business units, departments, or individuals? Let us show you how.
Are you looking for new IT team members or need temporary help for a project for a few weeks or months? Let us help you find employees with the appropriate skills.